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A collection of past outreach and awareness movements hosted by our organization. To look for any new and exciting events, please refer to our Upcoming Event Page.

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Embark on a week-long journey to solve a real-world case problem brought to you by The MEDIC Foundation. This is for individuals in high school and undergraduate studies interested in STEM, research, or healthcare.


Case & Workshop Focus:

  1. Problem Identification: Uncover and articulate core challenges of the case, to find underlying problems and their solutions.

  2. Scientific Research & Analysis: Employ scientific research methods to delve in the the case utilizing data-driven analysis.

  3. Systematic Case Resolution: Develop a systematic and structured approach to resolving a problem.

  4. Business Applications: Translate the case resolution to viable applications into the real world within the scope of market and finances.

E-MERGE 2024

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E-MERGE invites young minds to engage with the core pillars of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - in an interactive, hands-on environment. Participants will discover the wonders of the STEM design cycle and learn about prototyping through a series of collaborative activities designed to spark curiosity and foster innovation.


Workshop Focus:

  1.  Scientific Inquiry: Participants will learn to design solutions for client problems using the scientific method.  

  2. Technological Fluency: Participants will learn about how to use cutting-edge technology in research and develop solutions for client problems. 

  3. Engineering Design: Emphasizing ’E’ in STEM, the workshop will allow participants to immerse themselves in engineering principles, and encourage them to design, build and test designs. 

  4. Mathematical Concepts: Through practical application, workshop activities will demonstrate how mathematical reasoning underpins scientific and engineering endeavours.

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