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About Us

MEDIC Foundation was founded to research, raise awareness and revolutionize the approach to chronic medical conditions. Our organization began on April 30th 2020, and we partner with various interdisciplinary research labs and companies for our research projects. 


Our Founders

The vision for this team began as both Anjali and Madhini have had family members affected by Chronic Medical Conditions. 

Anjali has grown up seeing her grandmother and mother living with chronic conditions. Being personally impacted by this, she made it her mission to make a difference in the lives of individuals with chronic conditions. After joining the School of Biomedical Engineering, she met with Madhini who spoke about losing her relatives to cancer back in Sri Lanka due to the chemicals used during the civil war, which mutually sparked her passion for improving the lives of those affected by chronic conditions.

After months of hard work and encouragement from the faculty, they co-founded the MEDIC Foundation, a non-profit incorporated society in BC. 

With the help of faculty mentors and Principal Investigators across UBC, they have successfully undertaken three research projects targeted at chronic conditions. The team now comprises 25 undergraduate students to bring change to patients' lives locally and globally.

Together, they aim to revolutionize the way people approach chronic diseases. 

297091852_458566652828740_6311342091303557391_n (1).jpg

Co-Founders Anjali Menon (Right) & Madhini Vigneswaran (Left)


How we run

Our team hosts independent research projects while simultaneously raising awareness for chronic diseases. We either independently prototype our innovations or partner with university-based labs that provide us with a project which we help execute. In the process, our undergraduate students gain tremendous research experience, which allows them to seek unique opportunities in the work force. 

Stationary photo


Using engineering principles to innovate novel ideas and medical therapies for chronic conditions


Raising awareness for chronic conditions using innovative and strategic campaigns on social media 

VR Goggles

Content Creation

Curating content on chronic diseases to publish on our monthly newsletter shared to all our subscribers

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Using innovative methods to raise funds for our research prototypes and our service trips to global communities

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