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Your Monthly Guide to Health Awareness and Research!

MEDIC Magazine is a subscription-based monthly magazine dedicated to enlightening and educating its readers about the world of chronic conditions and the latest health research. This free magazine is your ultimate source for:


Read Our Latest Editions

Read our past newsletters here. Peruse through a plethora of free information and stay up to date with the latest on international and local events.


Tune in for this special double month edition of the magazine. Information on PTSD, ALS and more!


Learn about the end of the school year with MEDIC magazine! Recap on our event and appreciation!

The first newsletter of the 2024 year! Learn about braille, tropical diseases, and our upcoming events.


Discover more about our upcoming case competition event! Learn about vaccines and research.


The final newsletter of the 2023 year. Get insight from seasonal depression to diabetic research.


Follow up this month with a recap of our successful E-Merge event! Learn more about the newest research.


Tune in for this spooky month for updates on our design teams and an introduction our new team members.

Why Subscribe?

  • Free Monthly Issues: Enjoy a wealth of information at no cost.

  • Expert Insights: Learn from top health professionals and researchers.

  • Community Support: Join a community dedicated to health awareness and advocacy.

  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest in health and medicine.

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Thanks for subscribing!

We believe that awareness about chronic conditions is equally as important as researching for them. Each month our team curates and publishes newsletters comprising information about chronic conditions. We interview students, professors and patients to generate a unique perspective towards each topic with the goal of generating interest and advocacy around chronic diseases. 


Read our Latest Editions:

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