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Our research team comprises passionate UBC undergraduate students from the Applied Science, Art and Science faculty.  We conduct research and provide solutions and technologies for community-driven needs. We look forward to welcoming any enthusiastic, dedicated student onto our team!

2023 summer positions are now open June 5th - June 25th!

2023 Summer Hiring Package

This package includes detailed information about each position we are recruiting for. You may not meet all the skills and requirements for each post, which is okay! Please indicate the skills you meet and show us your enthusiasm and vision for our team's mission instead! We are looking forward to reading all of your applications and bringing enthusiastic students on board :)

Apply Today!

The Process

Step One

Analyze our

Determine which postings are suitable for you by scrolling down and viewing our postinings. We encourage students of all backgrounds and year-levels to apply! 

Step Two

Complete our Application

Once you have shortlisted suitable positions for yourself, complete the application by downloading the pdf document and completing the questionnaire.

Applying to more than one posting is permitted, and may increase chances of acceptance into the team!

Step Three

The Selection Process

Once the application deadline has passed, respective Team Directors will review your application and contact should further information be required. 
All the best!

Marketing and Advocacy 

A core component of our vision is advocacy and educating the local and global community about chronic diseases. At the heart of this goal lies the work of our marketing and advocacy directors, who strive to write informative newsletters, and social media posts to spread the word about our initiatives and educate others on the impact of chronic conditions. With over 150+ newsletter subscribers and 700+ followers on combined social media platforms, we are looking for creative and talented individuals to join our team in advocating for chronic diseases worldwide! 

Finance and Fundraising 

MEDIC’s finance team oversees the organization’s financial well-being. The team will be responsible for accounting, applying for grants, recordkeeping, and cash flow. The finance team will be expected to develop, and then approve and monitor, the organization's annual budget and spending plan. In addition to managing mission-related costs, nonprofit finance committee responsibilities typically include predicting and planning around operational costs.

Diabetes Medical Technology

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, require ongoing medical attention, and residents of rural and war-affected regions require low-cost medical treatment. Sri Lanka, a middle-income country, has fallen into the spiral of economic crisis following the end of a decades-long civil war in 2009. The medical field is one of the major sectors affected by the crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. At MEDIC, we aim to research low-cost medical treatment for diabetic patients. By researching a low-cost treatment, we aim to develop affordable insulin pumps including infusion sets. MEDIC has partnered with Dr. Rajaratnam’s hospital in Sri Lanka, and a testing session will be conducted at the hospital during the final stages of the prototype. 

Cancer Profiler Precision Medicine

While the drivers and development of cancer are different across cases, common therapy options remain to be one of the mainstream approaches, showing varying effectiveness across patients. Biological patterns within cancer patients of each type may define subtypes, directing future studies in targeted medicines and therapies to achieve better treatment outcomes in patients. Along with genomic data, pathology images give great insight into patients' tumor development characteristics. MEDIC has partnered with the AIM Lab at the School of Biomedical Engineering to develop a software pipeline that works with pathological image (from TCGA – The Cancer Genome Atlas) representations and access from different types of cancer, which support future analysis of the images to discover underlying patterns.

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