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Algorithm Technologist:

Time Commitment:

5-10 hour commitment (medium time commitment)


  • Actively participating in research team meetings alongside other mentors and team leads.

  • Contributing to developing image representation and access pipeline (tasks include designing algorithms for image processing in early stages and developing a search engine in later stages).

  • Completing tasks assigned to you over the week and checking in with the team leads when required.

  • Being willing to learn and help! We need dedicated individuals willing to help us navigate the project together.

Skills and requirements:

  • Proficiency in Python or a similar language

  • Experience in web/search-engine development

  • Familiarity with version control practices (e.g. GitHub)

  • Ability to efficiently understand unfamiliar code

  • Understanding of algorithm efficiency

  • Experience in working with big data and/or image representation is an asset

Download Application Package:

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