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Engineering Technologist:

Time commitment

  • 5-10 hour commitment (medium time commitment)


  • Contribute to generating designs of the Diabetes Medical Technology 

  • Be able to create CAD model of the device

  • Assist the team in literary research 

  • Actively participating in research team meetings alongside other mentors and team leads.

  • Completing tasks assigned to you over the week and checking in with the team leads when required.

  • Previous experience in medical device development is an asset

  • Assist the team with other project tasks as required

  • Being willing to learn and help! We need dedicated individuals willing to help us navigate the project together.

Skills and requirements:

  • Proficiency in SolidWorks or similar CAD software

  • Experience in cross-platform, Arduino, and/or Raspberry Pi are assets

  • Basic experience with programming languages such as C, Java, C#, an hardware design

  • Initiate and maintain product development documentation including product requirements, specifications, drawings, and work instructions

  • Hands-on experience in prototype development is an asset

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail

Download Application Package:

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