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The Care Companions Program

Our newest initiative aims to foster student-patient interactions through a unique support group setting. 



Our Goal

The Care Companion Program aspires to bridge the gap between students and patients diagnosed with chronic conditions, fostering partnerships to better understand patients' needs. Our mission is two-fold: to provide invaluable companionship to patients in their journey and to identify opportunities for innovative biomedical solutions. By facilitating student-patient connections, we enable compassionate care that goes beyond medical treatment, improving the quality of life for those affected by chronic conditions.

The Care Companions Program is now hiring! Join us in bridging the gap between students and patients with chronic conditions, providing companionship and exploring innovative biomedical solutions. Collaborate on impactful projects to enhance patients' quality of life. Discover more about this opportunity by clicking the button below.

Translating needs into solutions

This initiative opens the door for impactful projects that fuse biomedical research and engineering. As students engage with patients, they uncover challenges that can be addressed through innovative approaches. From developing assistive devices to pioneering new treatments, our team cultivates a culture of curiosity and problem-solving. We actively seek collaborations with senior homes and like-minded organizations, forging partnerships that amplify the reach of our program.

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