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What makes us different?

What sets MEDIC Foundation apart from medical device start-ups or UBC Design teams as example? Well, we are often asked this question, so we decided to dedicate a page to answer your question!


We focus on Chronic Disease Research

Unlike a University Design Team that participates in competitions with various focuses, we have a sole purpose. To Innovate and Advocate for Chronic Diseases. We are committed to advancing healthcare through innovation and technology. This singular dedication allows us to delve deeper into the intricacies of medical device development, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends in the field.


We have access to local & global resources

As an incorporated research society in British Columbia, we are an independent entity from a University, meaning we are eligible for government funding for our research. This also allows us to develop long-term and sustainable infrastructure for medical device development such as applying for a patent and providing our students 100% credit for their work. In the past three years since MEDIC's Inception, our leadership has established an infrastructure prioritizing student and volunteer success!



MEDIC works closely with international partners

Both co-founders have personal connections in lower-income communities worldwide. These long-term connections allow us to build unique collaborations that allow students and volunteers to contribute their time to building meaningful medical devices that can directly impact the global community.



Along with prototyping, we also provide hands-on research experience in a lab-based setting

Our organization actively seeks collaborations with various stakeholders. We establish partnerships with industry leaders, healthcare providers, and academic institutions to foster knowledge exchange, leverage collective expertise, and accelerate the translation of research into real-world solutions. For example, we collaborate with the Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre and the AIM Lab. These collaborations enable us to have a broader impact and facilitate the adoption of our innovations.



We are committed to completing our projects

Unlike a university club or design team that may be project-based or limited in duration, our organization is dedicated to long-term impact. We strive to develop sustainable solutions that address critical healthcare challenges and have lasting benefits for patients and healthcare providers. Our commitment extends beyond the research phase as we seek partnerships for further development, clinical validation, and market deployment.

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